breakfast and pastries

We give moment of sweetness, from the morning croissants filled with our homemade marmelades,
to the fresh and fragrant bread and the after dinner dessert.
Discover our delicious treats, the bite-size pastries and the typical leavened products symbol of italian feast days.

And if you would like to discover the art of kneading,
we will be happy to teach you all our secrets during one of our classes!


    Always in a state of ferment: since our products require special techinques and processes, along with a continue research of the best ingredients, we regularly attend refreshers courses taught by Morandin, a master of natural leavening technique.
  • Ingredients

    Good seeds make a good crop: we chose to exclusively use Petra organic wheat flours for our doughs, from different cereals or normal, organic and gluten free flours, a high-quality raw material that we also sell to our guests here at the restaurant.
  • Homemade pastries

    The taste fo tradition and the innovative creativity meet in our homemade pastries: from the bite-size desserts to the biscuits, from the typical strudel to the jams and marmalades produced with tasty farm-to-table fruit.

    Discover our fragrant slow-leavened desserts, the typical handmade colomba and panettone that we prepare only during feast days. The perfect gift for a friend who enjoys sweets, or an exclusive treat to share with your family: contact us to book your dessert!
  • Classes

    Would like to learn to bake some of our pastries to delight your friends and relatives? Discover with us all the secrets of our Little Patisserie, we hold courses for kids and adults also on request!

    Give yourself a treat, maybe one of our homemade desserts at home together with your family and friends during feast days! Contact us to book a colomba or a panettone, we will be happy to prepare them for you according to your taste and satisfy your requests!

Would you like to have a special cake?

Do you want to attend one of our classes?

Would you like to throw a party at our location?



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